Staveleys Eggs is a family run business set in the heart of Lancashire, England. The company was founded by husband and wife duo, Ken and Mary Staveley back in 1970. Since then, with their son David taking on a major role, the business has grown substantially to become an influential player in the UK egg industry.
Our free range business is ever growing and we will continue to promote free range egg sales where ever and when ever we can. Our laying hens are able to roam freely in extensive ranges consisting of open grassland and wooded areas throughout the daylight hours. The birds are able to enter and exit the laying houses as they please to feed, drink, scratch, dust bathe and lay their egg in safe and secure nest boxes provided within the laying house. There are many enrichment activities available both out on the ranges and inside the laying houses. These include slides, swings, climbing frames, dust baths etc to allow our birds the freedom to act as they would naturally. We continue our ongoing investments to maintain the grassland with areas of short and long grass and the planting of trees and hedging to provide more natural habitats for our flocks.
Over the years we have, and continue to invest a lot of time in upgrading our laying sites to ensure we can deliver the best housing for all our hens. Our next investment will be looking into replacing all enriched colonies for new barn systems. This will allow more freedom of movement for the birds housed, producing beautifully barn eggs. Until then, our enriched colonies provide everything the bird needs. The systems include nest boxes to provide a secluded area to lay their eggs, perches, a scratching area for the birds to use as a natural way to maintain good claw length and mimic the scratching that they would do outdoors when looking for food and allowing the hens to interact with a smaller group of birds.
In order to provide the highest level of care and welfare for our birds throughout their lives, we take great pride in rearing our own hens from their first day of age. This allows us to provide the absolute best start for our laying birds. Our dedicated rearing team has many years of experience and continue training daily to ensure we are up to date with new techniques, products and have an extensive knowledge in what we need to keep our birds happy and healthy. Our rearing staff are compassionate and take the upmost care and attention in rearing good, strong, healthy birds. They do this by keeping a close and protective eye on all our chicks with regular checks including, temperatures, water intake, feed formulations and supply, weights, vaccinations programs etc. as well as good husbandry skills.
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