Within the UK egg industry, quality control is a major concern and with this all eggs must be traceable back to their laying farms. All of our eggs are stamped with our unique producer code on the farm as they are being collected. this enables us to immediately identify where the eggs were laid. As well as this, all pallets of eggs coming into our packing centre hold identification tickets which state the date that the eggs were collected, the producer code, laying house number and the production type. This ticket stays with the eggs until they have been graded and packed, this information is then recorded to enable us to trace any individual egg back to its flock.

At the grading and packing stage, we have dedicated QC staff who carry out incoming egg quality tests to ensure freshness and also visual checks of the egg shells and internal contents on random batches of egg throughout the grading process. Calibrations of all relevant equipment are carried out to a national standard with internal calibration checks carried out daily.

On a regular basis, we self audit all areas of the farm, from rearing to laying, quality control and packing centres, down to the temperatures of our vans. this allows us to keep up to date with all areas of quality control. As well as our in house audits, we are also audited by the independant companies we are certified under. These are completed throughout the year, both announced and un-announced.
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