The British Egg Industry Council's 'Lion Quality Mark' was re-introduced on egg boxes back in 1998 and for which all of our sites are certified under. The Lion Mark is your assurance that the eggs are produced and audited to a stringent Code of Practice, which incorporates the latest research and advice on salmonella, welfare for the birds and eggs from both scientists and vets. The code requires:

British Egg Industry Council - Lion Code
The RSPCA's farm assurance is the only UK farm assurance scheme to focus solely on improving the welfare of farm animals reared for food production. The scheme provides detailed welfare standards for our laying birds, which start from when our day old chicks are brought onto the farm. The RSPCA conducts regular audits including unannounced visits to inspect flocks. the scheme covers all areas, including feed formulations, hygiene controls, visual checks, veterinary care, pest control, poultry transport, staff training and conpetence along with many other areas connected with the maintenance and improvement for the welfare of laying hens.
RSPCA Assured
The British Retail Consortium is the lead trade association representing a whole range of businesses and we are proud to be able to say that we have acheived Grade A, the highest grade, during their independant audits of our packing centre. their audits cover company policies and procedures, including our quality management systems and our use of HACCPs.
British Retail Consortium (BRC)
DEFRA: Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs. The governing body inspects our farms to ensure that the standards for the welfare of our birds, which includes strict criteria for the housing of birds, are met. they ensure that all equipment used within our business meets best practice for the industry and promotes good bio-security at all times. Egg marketing inspectors pay regular visits to our grading and packing facilities to check that our premises, packaging, egg weights and quality are all within the relevant and ever updating standards.
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